The Lunar New Year Event ran from January 1 to 31, 2015.

Rate Up Characters Edit

Gameplay Edit

In the game world, at random times, a Lucky Coin will appear. Clearing the Lucky Coin by jumping on it will grant one Lucky Point, which can be used towards prizes. There are six cards with five missions each. Each mission involves getting Lucky Points.

Cards Edit

Card 1 Edit

  • Mission 1: Get 1 Lucky Point.
  • Mission 2: Get 3 Lucky Points.
  • Mission 3: Get 5 Lucky Points.
  • Mission 4: Get 5 Lucky Points.
  • Mission 5: Get 10 Lucky Points.

Card 2 Edit

Card 3 Edit

Card 4 Edit

Card 5 Edit

Card 6 Edit

Prizes Edit

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